Video production and editing

Video Editor

Get visual, be seen!

Everything is so fast paced – especially on social media.


In only a few seconds you need to grab your ideal client’s attention before they move on.


But how do you stand out and effectively showcase your brand and services in a memorable way?

Let me give you the professional guidance and expertise in creating high quality video of your brand in a fun and professional way!


I help busy entrepreneurs and small business owners to put together instantly engaging video by consulting on scripting, setup and social strategy.


And if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by learning yet another skill, I also provide nifty editing.

Let me help you

Video marketing sells:

85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool

89% agree that it gives good ROI

80% say video has directly increased sales

- Wyzowl 2020 Report

Overwhelmed with filming video?

Just can’t suss out how to film better video by yourself?


Need pointers on how to quickly and easily improve lighting, create interesting visuals and establish a long-term content strategy with video SEO to make video less of a struggle and more fun?


Or just a second pair of eyes to give you feedback and point you in the right direction?

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Got video, need a cut?

Video editing can be complex and is one more thing you have to tackle in your busy work life. Let me take off that workload and let you fully concentrate on growing your business and creating in your zone of genius.


I will cut your footage into a cohesive narrative and add dynamic transitions, beautifully crafted text overlays and quirky animations to really bring out your unique branding and fun vibes.

I could use some help

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Hello, friend!

I’m Annemarie! (Yes, quite the long name. It’s German.) I’ve been diving headlong into making videos over the past five years, dabbling with different genres, experimenting with animations, giving coaching sessions and binge watching videos (for research, of course).


Because video is something so immediate, so evocative, so visual that it simply captivates. And that’s what I want to help you with! What if your amazing services, your epic products could be encapsulated in a pretty moving picture, sprinkled with extra goodness and fun?

Because no one wants another stale corporate-style video. Your business deserves better!


And you’re a busy life-changer, decision-maker and getting-stuff-done entrepreneur! Your time is precious. Which is why you can safely hand your footage that’s been sitting on the digital shelf for way too long. I’ll dust it off and really add that shine to make your clients go whoa!


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Distant Reiki guru Fernanda of Wise & Fun

“Annemarie made it happen. From start to finish, I could count on her. So, if you feel as lost as I when the subject is producing videos, she is your solution. She instructed me on what to ask from third parties, and after that, she was able to create a great story, using small bites of a really raw material. I can’t thank her enough. Please please please stop wasting time with videos that don’t look professional.”

Fernanda @Wise & Fun
Ariel Viera from Urbanist - live video maker

“I have said it before and I will say it again, what you’re doing with travel videos is revolutionary.


Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re bringing one of the most unique ways of storytelling in a landscape of travel video that all feel the same.”

Ariel @Urbanist
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The Power of Storytelling

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

- Seth Godin
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